Digital transformation of the biopharma supply chain is needed

Digital transformation of the biopharma supply chain is needed

11 March 2022

According to Deloitte analysis from the Deloitte Centre of Health Solutions a research arm of Deloitte’s Life Sciences and Health Care practices. Deloitte Insights “Intelligent drug supply chain” Creating value from AI.

The report explores the potential for AI technologies to improve the value of the biopharma supply chain and manage risks more effectively. They also say that the evidence shows “that the need for digital transformation of the supply chain has never been more pressing”

Simply capturing data fails to provide actionable insights. Using AI technologies to process these data will be critical to orchestrating operational efficiency and, ultimately, to creating a cost-effective, near autonomous and thriving biopharma supply chain.

AI TECHNOLOGIES ARE poised to transform supply chain and manufacturing through real-time data processing and decision making to make supply chains truly data-driven, reducing human subjectivity and bias. AI tools have the potential to unlock commercial, regulatory and operational data to find non-linear and complex relationships that would otherwise be missed and to deliver powerful strategic insights.

AI algorithms can improve end-to-end visibility, leading to more efficient demand forecasting, inventory management, logistics optimisation, procurement, supply chain planning and workforce planning